Saturday, September 13, 2014

Only Bycatch - Two!

Turns out that the Tuna longliners have been, gasp, lying!

You don't say!
Did it really take a "study" to confirm what had been obvious all along and what we here in Fiji had known for years?

Good that now, it is out in the open - and good that the FFA wants to bring it up and have it banned at the next WCPFC meeting. There will undoubtedly be the usual dirty politics and stalling (responsible fishing nations?) but eventually, this will be resolved - undoubtedly, only to be replaced by new shenanigans!

And so it goes!


Sunkita said...

I'm surprised this is being pitched as news - anyone interested in shark/fisheries interactions has probably been aware of shark lines for years. A quick browse of my end note library and this two year old paper was the first to pop up describing shark lines but I've read about them in plenty of other places and am sure there are older publications documenting them

DaShark said...


I would put it down to the fact that in the SoPac, everything progresses just a little bit slower...

Also, with CITES being implemented and Introductions from the Sea looming, those foreign distant water fleets will, hopefully, come under increased scrutiny when landing those illegal fins in the aggregation points like Fiji and W Samoa - meaning that the industry will have to rid itself of some of those widespread illegal practices.

That's the hope.
As always, only time will tell.