Monday, September 22, 2014

El Diego - Fly with me!

Simply fantastic pic by Allen - click for detail!


This is the positive side of the drought.
Even on a less favorable tide, the viz has been good - and when the tide is right, it is simply stellar, as in gin clear!
That is, unless we get jinxed by Kira!



Unknown said...

Haha the other day we went diving on the East Wall and I led the first dive, 25 m of viz PERFECT!! Kira decided to lead the second dive..... GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?? HAHAHA CLASSIC KIRA MODE 8 M!!

DaShark said...

If the trend continues, we'll have to start seriously considering a ban from the Shark dive!

BTW, talk about a revealing choice of thumbnail = all i can say is all fins... LLLL!