Thursday, September 25, 2014

30-foot juvenile Megalodon!

Another view of the very same spectacular animal! Source:  هلال پاڪستان (Millat)


Check this out - absolutely unbelievable!
So after all that frothy lambasting by the entirety of the Shark intelligentsia, it turns out that Discovery Channel was right after all - yes they are lurking in the deep! And considering that the fisheries authorities in Pakistan know nothing about what lives in their ocean, I would not at all be surprised at further equally spectacular discoveries!

BTW Franck is totally correct, and I cite
Well fisherman , another great living giant that you have killed for what ?
I am a great lover of sharks and seeing this makes me sick , serious think of how old is this shark , how many more sharks are we going to kill and tell me what are you going to do with this shark now , seriously your f….d up 
You guys make me sick 
Well said!


dr said...

Ahh... remebered that picture...

But again... nice try Discovery Channel

jsd said...

A living fossil complete with fossilised tooth:

...Remarkable indeed.

Anonymous said...


Pictures from old necropsy in SA, followed by pictures of dead SvS bs shark in Mexico.

Not to mention the media source.?


What is this April Fools Groundhog Day?

Shark Diver said...

Like you said, "unbelievable" Good ol worldnewsdailyreport! ;-)

DaShark said...

Indeed, like I said, unbelievable.

But the comments on that article are priceless!

Shark Diver said...

It's amazing, that people who read that publication don't know that it's a satire.

Phydeauphett said...

this is a hoax

DaShark said...

You don't say! :)