Thursday, September 11, 2014

It is not only Overfishing - Paper!

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For Sharks, the principal threat is overfishing.
But the other threats are of course equally a cause of great concern, plus our increased encroaching into their habitats that is leading to conflicts and persecution. And now for possibly the first time, this paper is examining the likely effects of Global Warming and Acidification on a tropical Shark.
Synopsis here, so I need once again not elaborate.

Though this is perplexing.
From the Discussion.
Although the vulnerability of tropical sharks to climate change is species-specific, factors such as temperature, sea level rise and freshwater input are assumed to elicit the greatest effects upon estuarine, coastal inshore and reef species. Such effects are likely to be expressed through changes in species abundance and distribution (e.g. poleward movements and migrations to deeper waters).

Until now, ocean acidification was not considered as a primary climate-related threat to elasmobranchs; only indirectly through habitat and community changes (e.g. reef sharks).
Experimental approaches such as those shown in the present study are critical to directly assess risk and vulnerability of sharks to ocean acidification and warming, and can ultimately help managers and policy-makers to take proactive measures targeting most endangered species. 
Proactive measures?
As in...? Suggestions welcome!

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