Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feeding Lionfish to Bull Sharks?


Watch this.

So Cassell is back.
Which immediately begs the question, with or without Spot's fins?

But I'm obviously digressing.
The uncontrolled feeding of Lionfish to Sharks is a bad bad bad idea - the more as contrary to Playa where they encounter female Bull Sharks that are indeed conditioned and rather mellow, the Bulls in Cancun are feisty males that have already bitten people. With that in mind, does anybody think that the authorities are gonna be as delighted as Cassell appears to suggest?

Having inquired with a friend, his answer is
Hola Mike. I tried to feed lion fish to the bulls and they spit them out. Nobody is feeding in Cancun because it is a marine park and it is not permitted. Actually i don't think these guys have a permit to do what they want.
And why am I not surprised - caveat emptor!
To be continued no doubt!

PS! - less than a day after posting this, the video has been made private...
As I said, caveat emptor!
PPS - as per the comment below, the video has been re-edited and re-posted!
PPPS - and now the video has been retracted. Wow.


HUGE Scott Cassell Fan (the real one) said...

Scott Cassell? Scott Cassell?

Why does that name sound so familiar?

Not the same Scott Cassell who has been/still is a circus performer for the past decade?

Not the same guy who made a living pretending to be attacked by Humbolt squids, when in fact he just annoyed them to the point of agro and filmed the rest?

Not the same guy who FAKED an underwater dive for 24hrs in California and then LIED about it to everyone? (spent 11 hours in the dark hiding on a boat then filmed himself staggering out of the ocean at sunrise).

Not the same guy who invented a cockamamie (yes I said "cockamamie") media story about a dead white shark in Baja being part of a white shark fin he "discovered" in Asia -also- being the same white shark he once played fetch with at the Farallones Islands off the coast of California?

Not the same Scott Cassell who played fetch with "Emma" the Tiger shark in the Bahamas? (he likes to play fetch with big sharks)

Not the same Scott Cassell who pretends to "hunt" poachers in Mexico and who also claimed to be stabbed by one of them?

This cannot be the same man.

The guy I am referring to is an industry heavyweight, a titan among lessor men, a one man ocean saving machine.

Your Scott Cassell sounds like a self serving idiot. Rushing around the industry like a reincarnated and somewhat dim version of Steve Zissou, demanding donations so he can continue his quixotic quest (yes I said "quixotic") for relevance in a media world gone mad.

A media world where, with a leaking hunk of sketchy technology, some admiring fans, and a Facebook page you can say and do anything and it sounds normal - like using a submarine to train Bull sharks to feed on Lionfish in Mexico.

Glad I got that sorted.

For a second there I thought I was going to lose faith in the ocean conservation space entirely.

My moldy black duck wings were a tremblin'!


DaShark said...


What are you, some liberal intellectual?

DaShark said...

Lookee lookee - somebody has retracted the video...

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to his video. Looks like it was taken down, had a couple edits, then reposted a few days later.

DaShark said...

Thanks for that - posted!

Anonymous said...

Hello -

I just read your blog comment on Scott Cassell, and curious on where you are getting your information.

I was with Scott Cassell on the 30-mile dive from Catalina. It was not in fact a 24-hour dive; it was about 12 hours. I filmed him underwater for a magazine and can attest that he did in fact spend the full day underwater. I have 20 years experience in the Military (not serving with Scott) and when I shared your story with my unit today they are extremely upset at your misrepresentation, to say the least.

I also know, for a fact, that Scott has led and participated in several covert missions into Mexico. Beyond that, I cannot comment, however again your information is inaccurate.

I would urge you to correct your article, as it its just now beginning to make rounds here and on several other websites. It's making you look very bad and since your information is inaccurate and "printed" online, can be considered slander.

- Lt. Col. Mark Berglund

DaShark said...


You're commenting on a comment - nothing of what you disapprove of is mentioned in my post, and the "article" does not need to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

Todo lo que usted está diciendo no es correcta sobre scott Cassell y tiburones toro. Usted debería avergonzarse de sí mismos.

Tim Meadowers said...

I'll be visiting "Trip Advisor" (and every other review site I can fine) and leaving a review on Beqa Adventure Divers (and it won't be good). Fake stories posted on blogs deserve fake business reviews. Look for it soon. Or just remove this story and the false comments before I get around to it.

Anonymous said...

Game on. Check reviews for Beqa Adventure Divers on TripAdvisor in a day or two. Beqa Adventure Divers will be getting many more negative reviews every day on TripAdvisor, ScubaBoard, and other review sites. You've earned it.

DaShark said...

Todo lo que usted está diciendo no es correcta...

As a minimum, when you want to pose as an outraged Hispanic, have somebody check the Spanish!

Seriously, how fucking pathetic is that...