Tuesday, August 12, 2014

IGFA Records - great Paper!

Dead Goliath Groupers in 1957 - source.


Great to see a paper looking into this.
Those all-tackle weight records have been a personal gripe of mine for years (and here and here). In brief, the IGFA is sanctioning and certifying the deliberate targeting of the biggest individuals = inevitably, the oldest and possibly pregnant females that are the most prolific breeders and thus the most valuable individuals. This is especially true for Sharks where their life history compounds the problem - but in general terms, this generally applies to all Fishes.

Please read this paper.
Doesn't get much clearer than that - but should you still have any open questions, here are more answers by David.
Well done!

And the IGFA?
Why do they continue to hang on to those hopelessly archaic and unethical practices?
Hearsay has it that there was a movement from within the IGFA to gradually switch from weight- to length records that would not have automatically implied killing the Fish. Apparently, some Southern Hemisphere chapters threatened that if so, they would leave and thus break up the Association, at which the proposal was quietly shelved.
Dunno if 100% accurate - but certainly plausible.

And incidentally. 
I just realized that I never followed up on the trailer posted in one of the above links. This is the finished product - not 100% directly related but certainly worth watching.

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