Sunday, August 03, 2014

Bad News for the Vaquita.

Fish bladders - driving the Vaquita into extinction.

Read this.

Poor Vaquita.
Since that post 4 years ago, the situation has become all-but hopeless - not because of targeted persecution but as collateral damage of the hugely lucrative and criminal trade in yet another, now critically endangered species favored by the Chinese cuisine and medicine.

And the SSCS, self proclaimed saviors of Cetaceans?
Still nowhere in sight - there is no blood and gore = television ratings to be had here, so why would they bother. Instead, they continue to waste time and scarce donor money in Taiji - and yet, not a single one of those Dolphins is threatened with extinction.

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Paul Watson said...

How DARE you Sirs!

I have spent the vast majority of my life suffering for cetacean life forms.

I became a vegetarian (mostly on weekends)for the whales.

I fabricated being 'shot in the chest' by actual Asian whalers for the whales.

I ran and hid at 1 star hotels from mounting eco lawsuits for the whales.

I taught gullible, self absorbed, narcissistic youngsters like Julie Anderson how to act like me, talk like me, and make up shit JUST LIKE ME for whales, sharks, or whatever brings in the most cash from Facebook these days.

I put the letter "I" back in the word TEAM for the whales.

So don't you DARE say that I have not done anything for those brave little Tostitos 200 miles off the coast of San Diego.

I will continue to lay down my life for them here at the Hilton Grand Hotel in LA, where I am currently accepting an award from the CHILI PEPPERS at a $400 a plate dinner serving $12 shrimp by out of work actors.

Can you say as much?

Thought not.


Paul Watson
SSCS Captain Paul
Save The Tostitos!