Friday, August 22, 2014

The Jackass!

I can't believe that shit is still on!

Anyway, here he is.
Behold the self-professed channeler, or whatever, of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey - with fitting introduction by Mr. Shark Porn himself!

So this is the message.
This disjointed new age clap trap by some retro hippie stoner adventurer, or whatever, is gonna make us finally understand and save the Sharks. This would be the visionary intellectual justification for illegal out-of-cage dives in Guadalupe, and for putting those credulous young people in harm's way.
Like I said, makes me wanna puke!

And ABC4 the great Shark pornographer?
Trust the man to never, ever disappoint!
Very much as anticipated, his recent incursion into NZ has fucked over the very people that have helped him go there in the first place. GWS diving in NZ is highly controversial, and his public boasting of illegal out-of-cage excursions, and the depiction of those GWS as particularly dangerous man eaters have further inflamed that conflict. 
Learning curve anybody?

And so it goes!


Pitchforks and Flaming Brands said...

Stewart Island Update 2014

The folks on island are pissed.

Rightfully so, they have watched the last two years of Shark Week programming (brought to you by ABC$4) destroy the last 15 years of locally grown tourism media.

Local business owners and hoteliers wanted the world to know this was an idyllic get away island - it is.

Thanks to ABC$4 and Jeff Kurr enabled by an "idiot with a shark boat" the world now understands this is an island population under siege because of a MEGA SHARK that read the script from JAWS and sunk a boat in shallow water so ABC$4 could find it and almost get attacked - really?

Along with the, "idiot with a shark boat" they have left behind a toxic environment of baited and amped white sharks, a pissed off local population, and a legacy of television lies and production skulduggery that beggars imagination.

Shark Week is drowning in Bottom of the Barrel production quality, swimming in a cesspool of production tripe fed to us by two guys without a moral compass who are only looking for the next payday.

Two guys who will do anything, say anything, and do damaged to any shark for the next IMDB credit.

You want to know how the Shark Week franchise got completely fucked?

There's two names at the top of the list for you.

Meanwhile good folks at Stewart Island are in media damage control trying to salvage their image from the one heaped on them by visiting shark pornographers who, at the end of the day, could give two shits about anyone.

DaShark said...

Ahhh yes, the ever crafty Mr. Kurr, he of the roaring Sharks...

Granted, the visuals are rather phenomenal - but the question remains, are those legit interactions with a protected species?

And if not, where was the DOC when those dudes set up this orgy of hardware and drama?

Pitchforks and Flaming Brands said...

DOC has been AWOL. Primarily due to the fact the folks at DOC in NZ (and locals for that matter) are just not...savvy.

They really have no idea who ABC$4 is or Jeff Kurr or "the idiot with a shark boat" a fact that all three relish.


Open season on sharks. You get to do anything with them and until someone says, "you know that looks really stupid" or "why are the animals so fucked up?" they will continue to heap insanity on wildlife in NZ at one of the last pristine white shark sites.

Both ABC$4 and Jeff Kurr made handsome paydays this year smashing sharks into cages and enticing them to attack everything from boats to divers.

Think on that for a moment.

Of course ABC$4 and Jeff will deny they had anything to do with the actual damage to the animals, or the death of a shark this season.

As they like to say, "we just get paid to film" which is code for "we really could give two shits about the sharks, the resource, the local population, or conservation."

Sadly, its not really these two miscreants one has to be concerned with.

One might argue the sharks are just collateral damage to the Shark Week machine so who cares?

The REAL damage is still to come, in the minds of thousands of kids and teens who watch Shark Week and the antics of these two production bottom feeders.

That's the real tragedy.

The next generation of underwater kids who think that everything they see on TV is the way it has always been not knowing that what they are watching is in fact the worst abuse any single team has heaped on wildlife since an estimated 1,500 people were invited to watch Thomas Edison electrocute an elephant named Topsy in 1903.

Yes it's that bad. All in the name of $$$, fame, and the next gig.

Makes what Edison did seem almost quaint - he only did it once.

Unknown said...

Yes it is concerning as a NZer to see people from overseas exploiting the relatively unregulated waters of SI for their own gain, and worse the dramatization of these awesome creatures. They do little to help the science here or pass on details to locals, instead have filmed these sharks in a way that will continue to paint them as 'the gnarliest' GWs in the world, which they may be, but not for blood! If explained by science it would be clear that the location at Edwards is of the most unique in the world and one to be cherished and protected by Stewart Islanders for Stewart Islanders, not for exploitation or money for one boat operator who seemingly is doing little for the locals of SI. In asking the boat operator as to whether the WASP (standing man shaped cage) was a legal cage structure for use from a commercial cage diving vessel, all I got back was a criticism of my own words for some reason. Im not 100% on the exact rules down there as its not my job, but it seems apparent MSA does not watch sharkweek. I really hope Stewart Islanders can obtain more control of the shark asset they have at Edwards in order to protect it from next years exploitation for shark week

DaShark said...

In the end, the gatekeepers are the operator and the authorities.

Now after two years of the same shit, we can safely assume that Peter Scott doesn't give a rat's ass about the animals or the concerns and reputation of the locals.

Leaves the authorities.
It's high time they wake up and ask themselves whether this disrespectful and exploitative portrayal of NZ and its GWS is really what they want.

Pitchforks and Flaming Brands said...

Stewart Islanders can watch Shark Week 2014 on You Tube thanks to the new $1.99 downloads:

"Lair of the Mega Shark"

When you stop and think about what "could have been" at Stewart Island and what it has devolved into, you have to ask how a few industry bottom feeders have been allowed to muck it up so badly.

Peter Scott, unfortunately, is not the brightest chap on the planet. He is just smart enough to run rings around DOC, the local population, the media, and anyone else who comes knocking.

This kind of commercial fishing savvy born from years of skating DOC harvesting/tonnage rules with his other vessel is what allows him to essentially "own" the waters at Stewart Island.

Like commercial shark fining and bottom trawling the main goal for Peter is to make as much money from the resource in as little time as possible.

It's a mindset that 30 years in the business has taught him well. It's a mindset that is completely incongruous with sustainable wildlife tourism.

Shark industry and conservation folks wonder why some operations do incredibly stupid things with sharks.

The answer is always the background of the operator.

Unfortunately, far too many shark diving operators come to the industry woefully unprepared to accept the magnitude and challenges of sustainable wildlife tourism.

And within this subset of "operators without a clue" swim the Shark Week producers and filmmakers who gleefully capitalize on ignorance and greed to pad their IMDB accounts.