Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lindsay - first Shark Hero!

What's that on the wrist of the Shark Hero - would that be, gasp, an ORCA? Click for detail!
Brilliant cartoon by EDNA Interactive!

Certainly a million percent better than that week-long orgy of fraud and mental midgetry I'm trying my best to ignore!
And of course we here love love love Lindsay!

But I must say, I'm frankly disappointed.
I've now spent the better part of the last hour going over the Gills Club's website, blog and FB page and the result ha been zilch, nada de nada: not a single measly video of any of those gals swimming loops around, let alone hugging and riding (!) a perplexed Elasmobranch - and above all and most disappointingly, zero bikinis!

And don't get me started about those pictures!
No makeup and hair stylist, no avant-garde logowear, accessoires and technical gizmos, once again zero bikinis - nothing!
Plus - ever heard of selfie, shaka sign, black duck wings?
Now THAT's what I call REAL conservation!

I mean, seriously!
Ladies - how will you ever be able to Make a Difference if you're so glaringly unwilling to dispel the myth of those misunderstood animals that only want a hug!

With that science shit?

Like I said, nice - but you can and must do better!


OfficetoOcean said...

Major lack of snazzy slogans and catchphrases as well.


Shark Angel (since 2008) said...

What about our Old Pizza Box (with cheese stains) and lipstick on-the-beach-messaging?

You know, the one that says "Save The Sharks?"

Frankly without that you don't have bona fides in the shark world.

This girl is a hack.

Moldy Black Duck Wings FOREVER!