Monday, August 25, 2014

Big fat GWS in California!

This is what happened (sic).
Too Close for Comfort. 
A Great Wonderful Summer (GWS) experience.

2 years ago, a group of divers from LA area (LAUE: Los Angeles Underwater Explorer) started the project Infidel clean up. The goal was to remove all the nets which covers the wreck and regularly trap marine life (seals, sea lions, even birds). The wreck seats under 150ft of water, which makes the cleaning work challenging and requires lots of caution. Strong dive teams and very rigorous process.
After many dives, the wreck start to look much better now, and new marine life is elected it as new home: lobsters, nudibranchs, wolf eel, and so on.

On Aug 23rd, 2014, new missions were set to both continue removing the nets (and a lot was removed again), but also document the new life. Unfortunately, the visibility wasn't very good for still picture, even video. But on the way back, we had a chance to have the company of a Great White Shark. Probably 16 to 20ft long. She check us out very closely and tag along for 4 minutes. Few minutes of excitement and of course a bit of chill, knowing that we had a long time to get to the surface.
Awesome - and scary, too!

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