Friday, August 22, 2014

Cristina - great Outreach!



Once again, this is as good as it gets.
Really nice to see her evolving from prominent dive instructor doing tricks with Sharks to respected international Shark conservation advocate.

And I find this.
In the water, Zenato does a combination of petting and stroking the sharks to place them in a state of physical and mental repose, which she said is wrongly termed as tonic immobility

“I call it the relaxed state,” she said. “The difference between what I do and real tonic immobility is that you can force tonic immobility onto every shark of every size, gender or species. It’s done in aquariums and in the open ocean by forcefully turning the shark upside down

“People say, ‘Oh, we’ve been doing tonic immobility for 30 years! You’re not doing something new,’” Zenato said, rolling her eyes. “Well, I am, actually. I use minimal touch and never force. I just give them a gentle rub, and if the shark doesn’t want to be rubbed, they’ll swim away. Not everyone can put a shark to sleep. It has to be the right person, the right shark, at the right time. The shark has to want it.” 
Indeed - re-read this!
Could those people out there who continue to publicly blather about the subject finally take note that this is NOT what has been shown to harm the Sharks, and that it is NOT harassment let alone animal cruelty. And like him or not, this also applies to what Eli does with the Tigers and Lemons in TB.

But I'm digressing as always.
Brava Cristina, job well done!

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