Thursday, August 07, 2014

New Shark Repellent Scams!

Have you seen this?

After a decade of scientific research (see any mention of the specific research undertaken by NoBite Technologies?), no less, and a swim in California, surrounded by hundreds of sea lions engaged in a feeding frenzy, in an area known to be frequented by great white, tiger (!!!), and mako sharks, those guys are so confident in the technology that they are giving a $1,000,000 No Bite Guarantee!

But they don't have the 175,000 to finish producing the gizmo?

But the video is great!
A pal writes.
  • Sound bytes grabbed from quasi shark alliance bumper stickers - check 
  • Scared looking surfers - check 
  • Technology derived from sketchy research - check 
  • Footage of a bunch of reefies looking bored - check 
  • Let's do this shi... Now, strap it on and be vewy vewy quiet. Avoid splashing and sudden movements ... 
  • Disclaimer: not a guaranteed or proven shark deterrent. Do not immerse for longer than a few seconds. May not work on sharks trying to hug you. Practice aloha and dolphin noises.
And this shit?
Yes they want your money, too - and plenty of it! But fear not, this must obviously be totally legit because they got none other than Collier and Ritter (!!!) as consultants - need I say more!  :)
Through extensive testing, the signal for the SharkStopper' “Personal Shark Repellent” (PSR) has been proven to repel sharks up to 60 feet away, with a minimum protection of approximately 20 feet. 
Really? Show me the fucking data!

I say, these are once again nothing but brazen scams.
To be convinced otherwise, I would have to be presented with evidence = as in a peer-reviewed paper about the testing of, as a bare minimum, a) the success of the gizmo emitting specific Orca sounds in repelling a variety of Sharks, vs a control b) habituation effects c) the effects of hundreds of aquatic recreationists beeping away simultaneously in the ocean. Or failing that - how about producing a suitably verified test protocol!
Yeah I know - never gonna happen!

Incidentally, the bible states.
Crucially, most sounds can elicit withdrawal if they start suddenly and/or rapidly increase in loudness, including medium-frequency pure tones and even low frequency pulsed sounds that would otherwise attract sharks.
It is important to note that sharks quickly habituate to both attractive and repulsive sounds (Myrberg et al. 1969; Myrberg et al. 1978), which would mean that for any auditory-based shark repellent to remain effective it would have to be deployed only for short durations rather than being left on permanently. 
And in related news.
Check out the pic at the top - there it is, doing what it does best: attracting GWS!


My name? What the hell do you want my name for? said...

This just in, actual shark repelling sounds soon to be trademarked in a tiny little wearable device:

A 'pal' ;) said...

To add to the demands for peer reviewed evidence I give you some observations after being personally present while the ORCA was being tested at Guadalupe.

It worked exactly 0% of the time.

To be fair, in a baited scenario all deterrents fail at some point, but in this case it was simply laughable. The Great White didn't think twice about chomping down on the poor ORCA wearing fish head. At least with shark shield there's a slight hesitation and even sometimes complete turn away/disinterest. Sometimes.

This is definitely a backer beware scenario. There is NO evidence that the ORCA works, and the science it is based on admits itself that it's 1) not foolproof and 2) doesn't work in a feeding scenario

... but please tell me again about all the lemon sharks and reefies that are deterred by ORCA noises (or any sudden noise for that matter)... keep talking and I'll raise you a hungry bull, tiger or white and take you to the cleaners.

So while most shark attacks are described as being opportunistic, don't take that to mean that they are outside a feeding scenario. Even a half heated bite from most of the species known to attack IS a feeding scenario. The shark has weighed the odds and decided that you are worth tasting to see if you are good to eat. Sometimes it's one bite and done, sometimes it's a full on feast, but NONE of the times is the shark 'mistaken' about it's intent.

Don't believe me? Fine, buy the silly thing. Keep it close to your heart, click your heels together and say there's no place like home if you ever see a shark.

Who knows, with their guarantee you may make $1M pretty soon. What's a leg worth to you anyway?

DaShark said...

Thanks - totally not surprised!

The long and short of this is, this is nothing but a cold blooded money making scam - the good news being, whether it works or not is actually irrelevant because those Shark strikes are so rare anyway.

That is, unless the wearers start believing they are Shark-proof, throw common sense out of the window and start engaging in riskier behavior.

And the suckers will!

Unlucky Orlando said...

I was putting on my zebra-stripe shark repelling wetsuit on the beach, here in Mozambique, Africa - when I was attacked by a lion.

DaShark said...


Anonymous said...

What about shark repellent rash guards?

The only company legally allowed to sell shark repellent rash guards is They also do shark repellent board shorts, shark repellent bathing suits, and shark repellent wetsuits. Also shark repellent surfboards.

Anyone else is doing so unlawfully because only owns the trademark. Promoting other companies is like unethically bootlegging subpar music or film. has done the extensive research backed with countless TV appearances by a shark expert on this subject.

Thank you Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT and superstar surfer John John Florence for endorsing shark repellent rashguards by ��

DaShark said...

Ahhh yes...

The ghastly Veronica Gray!