Monday, June 03, 2013

BRAT - nomen est omen!

Talk about timing!

Broadreach are at the doorsteps, and here comes their Tiger BRAT!
She's a tad bigger but still rather small, and quite obviously still very much a teenager as her behavior can only be defined as unruly - and that would definitely be a euphemism!

Let's just say that it has been interesting.
Push very much came to shove and in the end, she got herself a hiding.
We don't like it when the big Sharks try to cuddle with our clients who then fly home and post articles about having been terrified and the like, and the girl has been taught a lesson - and if others only did the same, we would have a chance of eventually producing a well behaved adult!

Yeah I know I know.
As always, it's a total waste of breath - but it had to be said!

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Martin Graf said...

For what it's worth Mike,
I totally agree with you.