Sunday, June 30, 2013

Those Sharks are not a Conservation Issue!

Oh for crying out loud!
Watch this.

Transcript here - un-f-believable!

Or maybe, not so much.
Look up Tosatto's résumé and you will discover that he's very much in cahoots with WESPAC and their indigenous mumbo jumbo.
They were all present at the Shark event, and witnesses tell me that when publicly confronted about the NMFS fiasco, they came across as, and I cite, babbling idiots that tried to evade the discussion and didn't have their facts right when pressed.

But of course public discourse is not how they operate.
They are dangerous, and they will continue pursuing their anti-conservation agenda behind closed doors and could quite possibly prevail if not firmly put in their place - and that place is to act as executors of the instructions of the legislators and the judiciary, and especially, to respect the will of the public who is paying their salaries!
Public servants - serve!

Right now, the whole thing looks at risk.
But the conservation cavalry is saddling up, and the visionary Senator Hee and Pew are leading the charge.

And you can help them
Please do sign the petition and write plenty of personalized letters as they may ultimately tip the balance in favor of Shark conservation.
Instructions here.

Thank you!

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