Thursday, June 13, 2013

Are the US Fin Bans going to be overturned?

Please sign this petition.

Yes I generally hate petitions because they are usually so idiotic to be embarrassing all the way to actually being counter-productive - read this and then its counterpart here!

But in this case, I fully support it.
Factual and to the point, the aim is to send a strong message to NOAA not to summarily overturn the various US state fin bans, namely those in California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, Washington state, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.
I hear that although there is cooperation among the NGOs on the issue itself, this does not extend to petitioning - so expect a deluge of competing products of varying content, stridence and thus credibility!
Sigh - always the same...

Anyway - this is really important.
Having started to research the issue, this appears to have nothing to do with the genuine desire to promote the sustainable management of Shark fisheries as (possibly) more naive observers appear to believe. Yours truly very much included - but contrary to others, I'm at least willing to learn!
Instead, this very much smells of a gang of bureaucrats doing the bidding of special interests - and the name that keeps creeping up is WESPAC under the highly controversial (a euphemism!) leadership of one Kitty Simonds.
I'll comment on that later but if you want a small preview, Google it and have a hard look at all the pseudo-native bullshit and outright rot that's being dragged to the surface by even the most cursory due diligence!

And talking of which.
Here she is trying to undermine the CNMI Shark Sanctuary!

Not threatened and not endangered huh.
As I said: rotten and revolting - the agency and its boss!

But that can wait.
Right now, the immediate issue is to prevent that those people overturn bipartisan (!!!) legislation that was enacted democratically, and with overwhelming public support. This amounts to an underhanded veritable putsch and for that reason alone it must be condemned and stopped dead in its tracks.

If the NMFS wants to discuss the issue, let them at least do so openly,
Not as an afterthought conveniently hidden somewhere (page 2 of 6 under the heading Relationship of Regulations With Current State Rules) amid the amendments of the Magnuson–Stevens Act that deal with Shark finning and are generally perceived to be pro-conservation. 
That is undemocratic, non-transparent and profoundly dishonest = typically WESPAC!

Again, please sign the petition.
This is both urgent and very much the right thing to do.

PS: and sign the Oceana petition, too - apart from the misleading under title, the arguments in the box are quite good!
PS2: you can also write a letter and send it to the Shark Defenders who will assist you and make sure that it reaches the correct people!


Tropical Selkie said...

This might be the best blog you ever wrote. Thank you!

MaryO said...

Great blog! I think it's ok that lots of groups are sending out action alerts, though, since they all have different member bases. And these are actually not petitions, but automated ways for people to easily submit comments to NMFS on this proposed rule.

Please encourage people to personalize the letters, because I've heard that NMFS weeds through and gives much more weight to the unique letters!