Friday, June 14, 2013

Hawaii - King Shark: From Manō to Jaws!

And talking about WESPAC.

Look what I've found on their FB page!
Think this is really about the culture, science and management of Sharks?

Or, may this be about one topic only?
To wit

And when it comes to covering the cultural justification for killing (but not watching!!!) the 'Aumākua - could they be going as far as to trot out the revered Uncle Charlie who will assure everybody that it's perfectly fine provided that he blesses each Shark as it is being landed, much like he does in his pseudo-cultural scam in Maui?
Questions questions! :)

Only one way to find out!
This FREE event will be held June 27, 2013 (Thurs.) from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. at the Harbor View Center, Pier 38, Honolulu, HI. There will be informational tables, presentations, and door prizes, as well as a public discussion on the sharks role in Hawaiian culture, the science behind their study, and the issues that arise in managing sharks in local fisheries.
Yes FREE - as in paid for with you tax dollars!.

The real issue?
Listen to what Angelo has to say here!

Maybe somebody should go there.
Maybe somebody should make it a point to educate the public about the real facts and remind everybody of why, exactly, the Hawaiians overwhelmingly chose to enact the State fin ban. Depending on how the discussion is being framed and led, maybe somebody should remind WESPAC and Kitty that as government bureaucrats, their role is to serve the public impartially, and not to pander to special interests by engaging in unilateral activism - especially when it comes to enacting and interpreting the law, a privilege that is reserved for the legislative and the judiciary!
Maybe one could also take note of the identities and statements of the various speakers and interlocutors, and then publish them on some public forum - and thus make a valuable contribution to both public education and public accountability?
As always we shall see shall we not!

But one thing's for sure.
If any Hawaiian, whether Polynesian, Asian or Haole cares about Sharks, this is the moment to make a stand - yes, again!
Because if you don't, you can eventually kiss the manō, the 'Aumākua and a good part of your tourism industry goodbye.

Or is that what you want?


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