Thursday, June 06, 2013

Shark Reef - off the Chart!

Click for detail!
It's that time of the year again!

Today was just silly.
Lousy weather and big surge - and despite of it, the action was absolutely phenomenal, with likely more than 70 Fiji Bulls putting on an amazing display. This is a screen shot from the boat with its super wide angle lens - and there are easily as many Bulls further up, behind me and off to the right!
Try counting! :)

The one in the foreground is Whitenose.
He's the very first Shark I've named back then in 2003 - then a real rascal and now much bigger and finally also with a modicum of gravitas et dignitas!
This is he in 2003, by the great Doug Perrine.

Three more weeks, and then numbers will start to recede.


Unknown said...

Awesome, we arrive there next week for our second time diving with you guys. Fingers crossed we see scarface this time.

The Sharkman said...

Just so awesome.... thanks for sharing.

Lucia Malla said...

That is AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing!

DaShark said...

Lucia - how are you?

You should hop on a plane and come check it out - best time is to start diving on June 19 going into the full moon!