Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Da Pimpernel dancing with a Vacuum Cleaner!

DDS, somewhere, with very much better half Emily.

Hah - nice one!

Behold my friend Douglas!
The only thing I can state about him with absolute certainty is that right now, he is somewhere - either gallivanting about in search of the best diving, or savoring the finer things in life; or, he might be at home which begs the question, which one!
Other than that, the man pretty much defies description, meaning that I'm always ready for the unexpected.

Like now.
I would have never thought that dancing could actually be an activity he indulges in, as it a) is pretty pointless especially outside of courtship rituals and b) demands a modicum of youth, grace and agility!
Anyway, I was totally wrong - as so often!

Be bedazzled - and JSD, I trust that yer duly impressed!

PS: nice interview here - and spanky new website here!

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jsd said...

The dugong is the better dancer.