Monday, June 17, 2013

Is this the World's biggest GWS?

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Quite possibly!

Ozzie Sam writes.
We had been at the Neptune Islands for 1 day and we had heaps of sharks, 18 in fact. 
We went down in the cage at the end of daylight (4.30pm) and I was just hanging out taking shots when I saw a shark in the distance. As she come closer I couldn't believe my eyes. This girl was absolutely mammoth and made the other sharks (some of which were 5m+) look like goldfish. 

Her mouth was so big I genuinely think she could have swallowed me whole. 
Without doubt in the 6m class, Andy thinks she is possibly the biggest girl he has seen in 35 years of diving with White sharks. You will see from the pics that she is not near full weight and may have dropped pups last year her ribcage (for the want of a better term) sticks out so her liver is not engorged. 

Enjoy.... Obviously the highlight of my short diving and photography career. 
Wow - awesome!
That's what I call a GREAT White Shark!!!
Also, nice to see that at least one has survived the likes of Hyslop et al and grown to become one of those elusive submarines!

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