Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Artists United for Sharks!

Just got this message from Timbo.

Not bad overall. 
And, Ol' Scarface gets her 15 secs of fame

Indeed! :)
Many thanks to everybody - and especially to you my friend!
Story here - and this is the OAS!


Tim Rock said...

Thanks Mike!! Love your video as well. This is the first in a series of OAS produced pieces that hope to promote ocean conservation and awareness. It is a community of diverse talents. Hopefully the message will filter to many.

Anonymous said...

This message is for Da Shark or any other divers or managers of adventure divers. I have sent 6 e-mails over the last month to and have never received a response. Please help me learn the best way to get in touch with the dive shop by e-mail. Thank you, Scott Pedersen

DaShark said...


technically, I don't work there so I ignore the facts (maybe some spam filter?) - but I've passed on your comment.
What is your e-mail address so they can write to you?

Anonymous said...

I received an e-mail from Andrew Cummings yesterday, so hopefully that is the beginning of getting some communication started.

Thanks, Scott