Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Victor - Fiji Bull Shark!

Click for detail!

This is it!

After the chrome version, here comes the real deal!
This is one of Fiji's very own Bulls swimming away right after it has taken a Tuna head - the head is still visible as a lump just before it will be swallowed, or whatever you call it when Sharks do that.
I know that because that's exactly how it looks and because we've traded many e-mails and screen grabs whilst Victor was sculpting it.
More images here.

Like I said - magnifique!


jsd said...

Magnifique indeed. I hope Victor sculpts others...

- OWT (wow)
- GH (wow)
- GWS (wow)

So many shark sculptures aren't quite right yet the magnifiquicity is very much embodied in the sharks themselves.

DaShark said...

Oh mais oui mon ami! :)

Please do peruse this page and you will indeed find those very species, and many more!

jsd said...


Et Cristina dans un petit bikini...


...Sacre bleu.