Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Nukulau - Developments!

Scalloped Hammerhead in net - source.

I was wrong!

The Department of Fisheries did end up going to Nukulau!
And there's a new and certainly plausible hypothesis by Demian, ie that this may be the discarded litter of a pregnant Scalloped Hammerhead - and that the raw gills are the result of small scavengers, just like Jeremy has suggested!

But then again - what about that Dogfish?
Maybe some journalistic license, as in having posted an unrelated pic?
And the baby-Shark-attacking Dolphins that however don't consume them? And if you picture how gill nets work: how, exactly, would such a net specifically injure the gills of a Fish that features the exact opposite of a pointy head? Just saying!
Probably a misquote!

Like a friend writes, we should be less concerned about the how but instead bemoan the death of so many endangered animals!

And he's of course totally correct!

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