Saturday, January 05, 2013

Best Shark Movie, ever!

Ron and Val on the set - source.

I'm sure this is a breach of copyright and somebody will have it taken down shortly.

But for now, here it is.
Filmed in 1969 and released in 1971, this is the real deal. 
Those were of course completely different times and some of the scenes will make you cringe - but those are the original pioneers, this is real adventure and exploration, and the feats are nothing short of heroic. 
And the epic OWT scene will forever remain unequaled
And did you notice: no BCDs, in thousands of fathoms of water!



Sam Cahir said...

Have watched this movie many many times and love it (aside the folk music). Undoubtedly I'll watch it over and over again as well. We play it pretty much every expedition on the Rodney Fox boat and it is incredibly popular with the customers on the trips, in fact so popular that someone usually steals the DVD every few trips.

OfficetoOcean said...

I am making it my life's mission to keep the spirit of adventure in films like this alive. Inspirational, beautiful and artistic, Blue Water White Death is a masterpiece.

El-Gee said...

The explorer, naturalist and author Peter Matthiessen, who was part of the expedition and film, wrote a phenomenal account of the trip and the filming, describing amongst others the OWT scene. It is a fantastic book and all Blue Water White Death lovers as well as all ocean lovers should read it. It is called "Blue Meridian".