Sunday, January 06, 2013

Nukulau - more dead Sharks!

The mystery deepens!

Looks like there's more than one species involved.
Yesterday's image was of a Dogfish (h/t David) but today's piece features images of dead Hammerheads, likely scalloped. With Nukulau sitting within the reach of the waters from the Rewa where there is a HH nursery, chances are that something has happened there.

But if it's some toxic spill - where are the other Fishes?
And, would dead Sharks float on the surface, to be carried by the currents and then be deposited on a beach, and not sink instead? And if so, may this be something happening on Nukulau itself? The weather has been exceptionally warm (see Australia here) and maybe, the shallows have just become too hot and hypoxic, meaning that the Sharks have suffocated?
Look at the gill region - that's not right is it?

Questions questions...
But obviously, nobody really cares - so the Sharks will be buried along with any chances of finding out!


Angelo Villagomez said...


DaShark said...

Doubt it.
The way things appear to be developing, I wud then expect to see definned carcasses - Suva with its fin traders is close and HH fins are valuable.

And it doesn't explain the raw gill region.

OfficetoOcean said...

Parasites maybe? Caused by foreign bodies in the water, increased temperature and eating away at an entry point to the body?

I dunno, I'm no scientist but might explain the damage around the gills

DaShark said...

Aliens - no doubt!

jsd said...

Scavenging land predators gaining entry at the weakest point, the gill slits?

DaShark said...

Like with the parasites - all simultaneously?
Doubt it - but good point!

Unknown said...

Just gonna throw this out there, but seismic activity? There has been a few rumbles around!

DaShark said...

What part of "Aliens" didya not understand! :)

There have been developments, see next post!

The Yum List said...

What a sad picture of a beautiful animal.