Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Of Shark and Man - Trailer-Teaser!

David in Fiji - outshining everybody with his dazzling brilliance - yes that would be a link!


This is what we here have all been waiting for.
We've been big fans and supporters of David Diley from the beginning, ever since he posted that op-ed in Dive - and the more we've been observing his progress, the more we've become fans: of his talent, his art but above all, of his mulish determination to succeed come hell or high water. Over the course of the years, our relationship has evolved from mere polite interest to mateship to the point where we're proud to count him among our dear friends.

His evolution has been truly astounding.
Case in point, his film work that you can check out here, where you can follow his progression all the way from a rather rough first promotional over this and this simply brilliant PSAs for the Fiji Shark Sanctuary that never was, to the wonderful low-budget A Ray of Light that resulted in a wonderful conservation success story.

But of course those were just appetizers.
Ever since returning from his Fiji caper (= fun times - and plenty of STILL unanswered questions!), David has been doggedly chipping away at the editing of his first feature film, Of Shark and Man - and lemme tell 'ya, tackling this monumental and monumentally complex task has been hard and further hampered by chronic lack of funds and until rather recently, by abject loneliness.
But he has persevered - and yes you guessed it: mulishly! :)

So here it is.
Simultaneously with a spanky new website for From the Office to the Ocean, this is the first of a total of three (read it!) trailer-teasers for David's big film. David writes me that later, there will then be two main trailers, which cover everything in the film, very much in the manner you would find in a major cinema release. He is also still looking for a variety of people who may want to get involved, from graphic animators to street teamers - so it's not too late to get involved and show him your support!

So without further ado.
I absolutely LOVE it!


OfficetoOcean said...

This is very kind of you and your continued support is hugely appreciated and I couldn't have got this far without you.

Thank you :)

jsd said...

Good stuff David: congratulations. And none of the frightful posing we have seen elsewhere by shark 'interactors'. But some of the heavy rock music is a bit too much for those of us on the wrong side of the male menopause.

OfficetoOcean said...

Thanks Jeremy!

Fear not, musically, the soundtrack for the full film will feature very little if any of the rockier stuff. As much as I love my heavy music, I find combining sharks and rock music a bit too "80's fishing video" for me :)

You also won't see any of the posey stuff or the "yee-haw woohoo!" type stuff, it's just not me to be honest!

I am very glad you enjoyed it!