Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christine - stellar!


I obviously did not due my due diligence.
When I wrote that I frankly don't quite know what she is currently doing, I should have taken the time to go and check! Turns out that Christine Shepard is very much the person behind Neil's stellar media outreach - and more than that, she has even found the time to describe her work in this brilliant little video!

Once again, this is really as good as it gets.
Not only because of the great images and because it really motivates people to follow, and even participate in those research ventures; but above all, because I discern none of the ego, agendas and primadonna shenanigans I bemoan in so many others - and let there be no doubt that this is WAY more professional and WAY more appealing, too!



Neil Hammerschlag said...

Thank you for acknowledging Christine's wonderful talents.

She is not only creative, but a pleasure to work with.

She has some really exciting and engaging outreach projects in the works, so stay tuned.

DaShark said...

Great to see a new generation of researchers and educated (!) Shark advocates coming up under your mentorship Neil - good on 'ya!