Monday, September 24, 2012

Congratulations Randy!

Randy doing what he does best - inspiring and mentoring young people

Great news!

Fiji TV reports that Randy Thaman is now a honorary member of IUCN.
Honorary Membership of IUCN, which recognizes outstanding services to the conservation of nature and natural resources, is presented by the World Conservation Congress, on the recommendation of the IUCN Council, to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to furthering the goals of the Union.

I've said it before, in my book, Randy is a good man.
A true all-rounder with a keen interest and profound knowledge in a large variety of disciplines, he is truly the embodiment of tireless dedication, as very much witnessed by his rather ridiculous, and undoubtedly much  shortened publication list.
You can find short laudatios here and here, and you can watch him accept the award in this short video clip.

Congratulations Randy - nobody deserves this more than you!

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