Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Last Ocean - the Fishing continues!

Bad news.
But first, check this out

It is part of the movie about the Ross Sea by John Weller.
Marine image hunter Weller is one of the founders of The Last Ocean, an initiative to completely protect (interesting debate here!) what has been dubbed one of the last pristine marine ecosystems.
This is the trailer to John's movie..

But it looks like it ain't gonna be happening anytime soon.
New Zealand (once again!) wants to continue fishing and exporting the Chilean Seabass (read this) - and as long as they do, I fear that the campaign will continue to hit a brick wall. Like everywhere else where fishing interests appear to have woken up and are mounting a vigorous defense against the conservationists, it's a matter of realpolitik amid widespread financial woes and ever increasing human populations and individual ecological footprints.
That's just not a good backdrop for conservation advocacy, even when in reality, conservation (= good fisheries management plus closures) is the only rational strategy for safeguarding the long-term survival of the fishing industry, and even when it is being proven to be great business, too!

And since we're at it, check this out about the FAD-free tuna
This is just great news that will hopefully be a catalyst for addressing that ecological disaster that is the dolphin safe certification!

But I'm digressing as usual.
In fact, the prospects may be even grimmer.
If this guy gets it, and he may well, the USA is likely to stop or even reverse whatever conservation gains have been achieved so far, undoubtedly with far reaching consequences on a global scale.

Indeed, F*@! the Planet!


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