Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jimmy Nelson - total Jackass!

Check this out.
Yanking up (no this got nothing to do with game fishing!) a tagged Bull right from the dock of a Shark Free Marina!
The disrespectful idiot is this dude.

He should definitely be banned from the marina, if not from the Bahamas .
The latter maybe best via the BNT?

H/T: J


jsd said...

You have to gasp when clicking on the link to see that the Bimini Bay Resort has signed up for the shark free marina initiative. After all, it is this spectacularly inappropriate mega-development that has ruthlessly and cynically bulldozed and dredged the crucial mangrove and inshore habitats of North Bimini to build, build, build - including, of course, the lemon shark nursery there.

DaShark said...

Indeed, you're absolutely right!

As we speak, they are in the works of building 3 "islands" in the lagoon that is home to hundreds of juvenile lemon sharks.

Read this about urgent action needed to safeguard the Bimini MPA.