Monday, September 17, 2012

Orange Roughy - Video!

Orange Roughy and bycatch on the deck of a research trawler off the east coast of Tasmania - source and credit.

And talking about vulnerable deep-sea Fishes.

This is the first video ever of Orange Roughy.
Despite of stocks having collapsed, it is still being fished and this via destructive bottom trawling and should not be purchased, also because it contains high levels of mercury.

The growth rate of the Orange Roughy is extremely slow.
They can live up to 150 years and will not reproduce until they are approx 20-30 years old, which makes them exceptionally unsuitable for commercial exploitation.

This juvenile Orange Roughy is just 5 cm long, making it between one and two years old!

Boy oh boy..
Talk about a totally unacceptable fishery - and no amount of greenwashing will ever change that! :(
But, when alive, it's a surprisingly beautiful Fish.
Story here.

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