Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Voodoo Gas!

We are pumping Nitrox 32, effective immediately.
This may make us the first dive shop to do this on Viti Levu - but frankly, that's not the point.

I must say, this could not have come soon enough.
Several of us are older than 50 and the weekly regimen of 10 Shark dives, many of which result in decompression, has been increasingly challenging. This will finally result in substantially enhancing our safety margins but also make us much less tired in the afternoon.
Can't wait - first tank tomorrow!

And what about our customers?
They will be able to expand their bottom time during the reef dives but to be crystal clear, this will not change the dive profiles on the Shark dives.
We will continue to dive as one group that will now comprise both Nitrox and air divers but where obviously, bottom times will continue to be geared towards the air divers. Like our senior staff, the Nitrox divers will however enjoy a substantially higher degree of safety and comfort - but that's that.

And, it's not gonna be cheap!
Of the various available options, we've chosen to resort to continuous blending via Stik which means that we'll have to lug heaps of Oxygen from Suva, which is both a royal pain in the butt and very expensive to boot. Consequently, we are pricing Nitrox at FJD 50.00 a pop, non negotiable. We shall only carry a very limited number of filled tanks, meaning that Nitrox will have to be pre-booked. Effective immediately, we shall also be offering PADI Nitrox certification at the usual prices.


Unknown said...

So let's see... You mean with Nitrox 32 I might actually last 8 minutes at 30 meters without sucking-down a full bottle?

I'm sold!

DaShark said...

Nah, you'll be sucking gas at the same rate so 8 minutes it is - but you'll feel much better afterwards! :)

sam said...

Can't wait. Always feel sooooooo much better after voodoo gas. No more after dive sleeps. Bring on the re-breather hire!!!!!!!!