Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shark Senses and Shark Repellents!


Great, informative Program!
Ryan Kempster is the founder of Support our Sharks.



Sam said...

great little video. I was chatting to one of the scientists on the boat during our last research trip and he was involved in a test on the original shark shield some years ago(apparently the new company doesn't volunteer their devices for testing)and he indicated that in whaler sharks their tests were inconclusive. One of the tests with the sharks taking 0.2 seconds longer to 'investigate' a shark shield protected dummy. While the baited tests showed no measurable time difference.

DaShark said...

Remember the gizmo Ron&Val tested decades ago?

That thing packed a real punch, more like a cattle prod, and it sure did work as seen on the various tests they performed.
But then came liability considerations lest some diver zap himself, and thus the commercial model is a machine that is much weaker.

Now, it apparently deters your average mellow, mind-your-own-business shark - but so do a stare or a gentle tap on the nose.
But when it comes to highly motivated animals, ie the very situation for which it was made, it apparently doesn't work.