Monday, September 24, 2012

SDM Trip to Fiji!

Looks like Eli has been busy!

First, I discover a completely re-vamped website for SDM.
And whilst rummaging through the pages, I find a new trip report about his recent Fiji caper and then, the announcement for this special trip to come and dive with us next year!

In terms of timing, May/June is the best of the best.
It combines peak numbers of Bull Sharks with excellent diving conditions as in plenty of sunshine and good viz. - at least in theory, although thanks to the vagaries of ENSO and quite possibly also anthropogenic climate change, this year has been rather horrible throughout!
That said, it looks like we may be at the start of a weak El Niño that may well lead to slightly dryer conditions for the first months of 2013 - and after that, I'm rather confident that conditions will at least be "normal", meaning rather stellar!

Anyway, I'm digressing as usual.
Please do consider joining Eli's trip and if so, do book early as space will be limited! Thanks to Eli, you will enjoy true VIP service - but just to avoid any misunderstandings, do take the time to fist familiarize yourself with our Shark diving pages and specifically, with our protocols and the rules for image hunters that will apply regardless of the very special status of your group. 
I'm sure you understand! :)

See you in 2013!

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