Saturday, September 08, 2012

Bull Sharks, Thailand!


Robin alerts me that the Bull Sharks may be back!

This is really good news.
Last time we spoke, there was a suspicion that those juvenile Bulls had been chased away from Chumphon by over-zealous divers - but then again, they may have simply become larger and left what appears to be their nursery area. 
Here they are in a great video from 2009.

Now, some Bulls are being seen at a nearby site. 
Below is the video of one of those encounters, and it very much looks like those are adults - maybe merely visiting in order to give birth to a new generation?

No I'm not going to reveal the exact location.
But if you want to encounter them, drop a mail to Sail Rock Divers on Koh Phangan (site of the infamous full moon parties), and they may take you there for a peek - hopefully without disturbing the animals!
The Bull Shark sequence starts at 04:25.


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