Thursday, July 07, 2011

Shy-Bold Continuum?

She's smart, she's pretty and she's here!
And yes, having just landed upon our shores, she's way too pasty as well - but we're working on that! :)

Meet Kirsty Richards, Juerg's newest protégée.
She's here to work with our smaller Sharks as part of her master thesis and we very much look forward to reading her posts on Juerg's Fiji blog. Focusing on Sharks other than our flagship Bulls is important and long overdue as it will help round up what we know about the dynamics at play within the SRMR. Juerg is continuing to decipher our huge data base and having been shown some excerpts, I know that the latest Bull Shark abundance paper will soon be followed by an analysis of the other Sharks, something that will undoubtedly dovetail very nicely with Kristy's research.

Anyway, very much looking forward to all of this!
As to the exact meaning of the intra- and interspecific variations along the shy-bold continuum: we shall see shall we not! :)

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