Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not BRAT after all!

Mea culpa!
I had another look at the video and did grab a few more screen shots: turns out that that Tiger was not BRAT but our old nemesis Adi, aka Princess!

Adi goes back all the way to 2005 when she turned up on a dive with Michael.
Check out his pic on the website, and Andrew's description: she was tiny but already with a huge attitude - and lemme tell you, the latter has only gotten worse! Case in point, Klaus' rather epic dive a few years ago where he managed to somehow snap the picture on top whilst fending off several attempts to chew on his strobes, and my screen shot for comparison.

Ozzie Sam agrees.
He diplomatically writes, this tiger is smaller than BRAT and I agree that she is almost over friendly and yes, after she thankfully took it onto herself to bump the housing a grand total of 8 times, camera running, on that dive alone, I would have to agree that she definitely is!
Here's one of Sam's usual stellar portraits, again with my screen shot for comparison - check out the pattern in the corner of the mouth.

And the pic on Juerg's blog?
Unequivocally the true BRAT, equally by Klaus - compare with the pictures here!

Thanks Sam, as always your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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