Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kirsty and BRAT!

BRAT - always a handful! Click for detail!

Check out this post by Kirsty!
Broadreach are in country with both one High School and one College group and it is only fitting that the Tiger she mentions is BRAT, an acronym for BoadReach Academic Treks! She was named in 2008 by one of the High School groups (the picture on the website is by one of them) and has been visiting regularly ever since that day in May.

And what about the shy-bold continuum?
If the Blacktips are shy and the Silvertips are bold, BRAT is way off the scale, coming in from all directions and being your quintessential obnoxious beggar Shark. She will neither deign to pick tuna heads from the bottom but insist that she be given them by hand, nor does she understand that on our dive, there is only one single stationary feeder acting as the focal point. Like Patric observed in TB, this is alas the direct consequence of different dive ops employing different protocols when interacting with the same animals.
Nothing we can't handle the more as she is as mellow as it gets - but it sure demands everybody's fullest attention! :)

Anyway, great dive as witnessed by the perma-smiles on the kids and on the staff!
Life is good!

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