Saturday, July 02, 2011

Bahamas - excellent News!

BNT officials and Earl Deveaux with a Shark poster By Guy Harvey

I've just blogged about it and it now looks like the efforts by the Pew and the BNT have been successful: Bahamian Environment Minister Earl Deveaux has just announced that the Government is about to enact Shark protection laws. More details here.
So much for those who said it was never gonna happen!

BUT, this is just the beginning.
The law needs to be drafted, gazetted and signed by the Minister, and then comes the really hard part. Yes once again I'm talking about putting in place all the necessary legal, human and financial resources that are required for its successful enforcement - it will take time, it will be challenging, there will be setbacks and the various players will have their mettle tested. But I am hopeful, the more as the BNT and the dive industry are already working together on education and outreach. Only by changing the public's mind set will the legislation endure in the long term.

And: looking forward to the various statements by the B-listers! :)

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