Monday, July 04, 2011

Cookiecutter Bite - the Paper!

Cookiecutter Shark. Sure doesn't look like much - but if one examines the detail, see below...

Cookiecutter Shark bite on a Pilot Whale

Remember the attack two years ago?

Now Randy Honebrink et al have published the report.
Nothing spectacular but still worth reading, be it only because this is the first ever documented attack by a Cookiecutter Shark on a living person, as previously documented bites have all been post mortem.

Also, check out this nice BBC video: this would be the second Shark employing Aggressive Mimicry to hunt I've heard of - or may the possibly bioluminescent (or not) Greenland Shark be another one?
Anyway, how cool is that!

BTW Randy's name did ring a bell.
Yes that would be that Hawaiian anti Shark tour dude - good to see him doing something constructive instead of wasting taxpayer money on spouting his anti industry BS!

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