Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Goblin Shark!

Goblin Sharks as seen by Kristen Campbell of the Polarkeet Den - click twice for detail!

Talking about weird Sharks (and here!), behold the Goblin Shark!
Looking at the following aquarium video, it looks kinda cute albeit weird and not at all deserving of the name.

But then, here comes the protractile business end!
Goblinesque indeed!


the young bull said...

I'm surprised no one has posted about the supposed one eyed baby bull shark found in it's mothers body near La Paz, Mexico. Fits in with the goblin shark for weirdness, if its true...Here's a link to the article i found it in.

DaShark said...


Several blogs have posted it and it's genuine.
It's a birth deformity called cyclopia that has been described in elasmobranchs before.

Just a freak, IMO not worth the hype and certainly not the OMG what are we doing to the oceans nonsense some quarters have been spouting.