Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bravo Lill!

Our one&only Viking BAD Girl continues to shine!
The above picture has just won her a silver medal at the 2011 world championships in underwater photography and I must say, although it's not a Shark but one of her usual Blennies, it's still pretty darn awesome!

But that's not why I'm blogging.
She just sent me a message informing me that there is a brand new Shark conservation org in Norway, Hjelp Havets Haier (=Help the Sharks in the Ocean?) - and guess who's on the board as a RÃ¥dgiver ie an adviser? May having spent countless hours in the pit helped increase her love and appreciation of Sharks and have contributed to the decision to get active?
Be it as it may, one thing's for sure: you make all of us here proud!
Thank you!

And, there's a video!
Enjoy - and if you live in Norway: join in!
GREAT music BTW!

For ignoramuses of Norwegian like yours truly: English version here!

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(Tiger)Lily said...

Bula vinaka, thanks a million Mike. As a fishery-nation we are very proud to finally have a kicked off a devoted Norwegian organization for the protection of sharks (not my initiative though, heaps of thanks to Fredrik Myhre who created this) - hopefully it will make a difference, at least we have started to spread some attention around the issue, with more to come.

Well, I was already under the shark-spell from my very first encounter with a (grey nurse) shark in Australia ten years ago - but you guys certainly made it A LOT "worse", thanks (again) for an amazing year with Beqa Lagoons amazing sharks and the best shark BAD diving crew in the world. Looking VERY much forward to coming back to harass you all next year : )

( for my "usual blennies" - doing my best, blennies and gobies is all I got for the moment, and even those were quite hard to come by in the sadly over-exploited Mediterranean Sea. And needless to say, I am still suffering from serious attack of shark-withdrawal syndrome...!)