Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ratu Manoa - Awesome!

Please do read this.
It is a re-post of stellar two-page spread in yesterday's Fiji Times, originally authored by Ilaitia Turagabeci. When it comes to explaining the special traditional relationship between some Fijian tribes and Sharks, this is as good as it gets.
No wonder: Ilaitia was interviewing Ratu Manoa.

Iconic and revered.
These are probably the two most fitting adjectives when trying to describe the man that is Ratu Manoa Rasigatale. Deceivingly unassuming and humble, he is a rare mix of charm, passion, eloquence, wit and analytical intellect allowing him to command the respect of the entire spectrum of Fijian society, from the poor and disenfranchised all the way to the arcane circles of political and traditional power. We had a short chat a while ago and having told my staff, my status has experienced a sudden quantum leap for which I shall always be grateful.

But I am digressing as always.
Ratu Manoa has thrown his weight behind the Shark protection campaign of CORAL and Pew. This could not be more timely as there is an urgent need for reaching out and educating the traditional stakeholders, as illustrated in today's editorial in the Fiji Times.

I cannot imagine better local spokesmen for our precious Sharks that the sharkman of Fiji and CORAL with their long track record of successful marine conservation at the grass-roots level.
Vinaka Vakalevu!

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