Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shark Talk!

FLtR: Shark men Rusi, Alex and Gary

Great to see the Sharkman on Maltese TV!

And not only because of the Fiji footage!
Thing is, Alex is truly one of the nicest, most sensitive and most charming people I know and on top of that, a true Shark lover who devotes all of his spare time to Shark Conservation. I don't speak Maltese but from what I can gather (Alex: how about some sub-titles?) , this was yet again an occasion for Alex to educate the public about the true nature of Sharks and the absolute need to preserve them.
As always, well done and thank you!

Puss in Boots is Malta's animal welfare program.
Presenter Moira Delia is an avid conservationist and when googling her, I came across this.
Once again, the Maltese government is being exposed as little more than a rabid bunch of Nature haters which like in the case of the Tuna and the Angel Sharks display a staggering, and very much Southern European propensity for shenanigans.

But I'm digressing - as usual!


The Sharkman said...

Vinaka my Friend.


DaShark said...

No it's us who Vinka you!