Friday, April 30, 2010

Eli: well said!

Back to the positive news.

I'm frankly stoked!
A post by Underwater Thrills leads me to a stunning post by Eli Martinez, publisher of Shark Diver Magazine, he of the baseball cap put on in reverse. It's titled April 27, 2010 and the way that blog is set up, you'll have to scroll down and search for it as time goes by.
Please go and read it.

As of late, I have not been kind to Eli.
In essence, I do not like his advocacy of what some call extreme Shark diving and the ensuing consequences, i.e. what I consider to be dangerous Shark diving procedures and hopelessly failed Shark media and messaging.
What I however, and maybe contrary to others never questioned was his passion and his love for the animals - I just thought that much of his actions were, for lack of a better term, pretty darn stupid!

As an aside - and granted, this may not really be the place to re-hash it all: as a conservationist and especially, as a Shark diving operator, I take equal exception with both the thrill seekers and the huggers within the Shark diving movement.
Funny how both extremes then end up doing the exact same thing: to pet, ride and otherwise harass the animals and to endanger themselves, the industry and the movement in the process!

Anyway, back to Eli and I must say that this time, I'm impressed.
In essence, his post touches on the following
  • The need to curtail frivolous science, squandering of resources and duplication
  • The need to work together and to share one's insights
  • The need to set up MPAs
  • The need to provide for adequate enforcement (read this)
  • The need for sponsoring scientific research to provide the decision makers with the appropriate data
  • The benefits of Eco-Tourism
Sound familiar?
Anyway, awesome!

Now of course words are cheap and need to be translated into action.
But from what I can see, the man usually follows up on his decisions, so chances look good.

Eli, best of luck in your endeavors!

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Go Eli go! :-)