Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hawaii - more Action required!

Stefanie continues to show us the way forward.

Whilst others pout and whine, she takes the inevitable setbacks in stride, re-groups and forges ahead with renewed vigor.
Good on 'ya girl!

Here is her most recent message.

Hello everyone,

Yes, the shark fin bill died two days ago in the Judiciary committee, but we were able to get it back to life.

It was scheduled for a decisions making meeting today and the committee voted to pass it.

This means the bill is officially alive and moving ahead!! This is a pretty miraculous turn of events.
It will now go to the House Floor for a vote (probably Tuesday). If it survives the vote and is passed out of the house, it will go into conference, where representatives from both the Senate and the House side will get together to look at all the different versions the bill has gone through and work on final draft that everyone can agree with.

Getting it out of Judiciary committee was a HUGE step, and certainly the most difficult one so far.
But we can't celebrate yet. Lots more work to do.
You can help us tackle the next hurdle by urging the representatives to vote in support during the House vote next week.

Before Tuesday, April 6, send a message to the representative of your district and ask them to vote in support of SB2169 Relating to shark fins.
Here is a list of all the representatives and the districts they have, and here
is all their contact information. If you are not from within any of the districts, or would like to send a message to all representatives that will be voting on the bill, send your message to:

TO: House Representatives RE: House floor vote on Measure SB 2169 Relating to shark fins

Let them know that this is an important step not only for Hawaii, but also for the rest of the world.
Hawaii can be a leader and send a strong message by helping this ground breaking bill pass into law, or something like that.
I think it is not necessary to write a lot. If your message is short and to the point, it is more likely to be read.

If you have any questions, email me or call at 778-6740

Thank you



Anonymous said...

Any updates on the bill passing?

DaShark said...

Yes it has taken one more step forward - will post it soon!