Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hawaii - Riki Karamatsu exposed!

Good on Patric!

He did some digging and came up with plenty of dirt!
Turns out that the Hawaiian Shark hater Riki Karamatsu is a convicted felon and embroiled with the Hawaiian Shark fin industry - and who's surprised! Does anybody know a good investigative journalist willing to get his hands dirty on this?

It also turns out that the Chair of the judiciary committee is pretty way out there in la-la land and believes that ghosts prowl the State Capitol! Wow - talk about being uniquely suited for aspiring to the position of Lieutenant Governor!

Patric is right: time to give Riki a piece of your mind!
But as usual, he's being to karmic-minded, undoubtedly a consequence of residing in California and sipping all that hippie stuff like chai-flavored latte!

I say: let it rip!
The more since Riki only wishes you peace and happiness!



Anonymous said...

The personal attacks were really out of line here - I wanted this bill to pass and all the committee members voted in the affirmative. ALL of them. Thanks for taking a good and just cause and bringing it down to the lowest level. This kind of crap just gave enemies of the conservationist community more ammo for the future. Save your juvenile vitriol for junior high.

DaShark said...

What, no peace and happiness?

But seriously, you may actually have a valid point there.