Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hawaii - Riki Karamatsu's defining Moment!

Well what did I tell you.

After being against the bill and trying to stall it, Riki Karamatsu voted in favor of it whilst in committee, only to then stand up and hold a long speech against in in the House.
I've seen the speech and unsurprisingly, it panders to the fishermen, to the Chinese community (Feng Shui beads made of rubies, no less!) and to Xenophobia whilst slamming the conservationists and trying to re-interpret scientific insights - pretty revealing and if you ask me, pretty pathetic on top of it.

It's nothing more than unabashed politicking and electioneering and lemme tell you: it aint working!

In sailing, multiple changes of course are often conducive to reaching one's destination.
In politics, it's called flip-flopping and leads to lost elections.

Turns out that on top of being a Shark hater and convicted felon, Jon Riki Karamatsu is a flip-flopper - hardly the mettle of a leader!

Please, give your vote to someone else.


Robert said...

Great work.
Jon Riki Karamatsu...Major league liar & asshole.
Hope he gets what he deserves in the next election

DaShark said...

Well, if that's how you wanna put it Robert - who am I to argue with it!