Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hawaii - good News!

From Stefanie.

This is one small Shark operator showing the world how to get the job done: to care about conservation, to take on important issues in one's back yard, to show leadership, to cooperate and network, to persist doggedly despite of the adversities.
Kudos to everybody involved!

Good news again!

The Shark fin bill SB2169 made it through the third reading and House vote yesterday.
This is truly a minor miracle, because last week, the bill died in the last committee. We thought it was over. But we were able bring it back to life through some exceptional pressure from a few key people. The judiciary committee brought it back reluctantly, then finally voted to move it out. Just in the nick of time.

Yesterday, during he House vote, there was only one "No" vote.

We can all have a quiet cheer for a partial victory, but of course we are a long ways from being done. Next, this measure will go in to conference, where Representatives from the Senate and the House side will get together to come up with a final version. Once we can wrangle it through the conference meetings, it can move on to a Senate vote. After the Senate vote it will be sent to the Governor.

Thank you so much for your support and for all the great letters and statements.

I am not sure if and when we need more testimony sent in. I have to have a meeting with all the people involved in this measure to talk strategy. Will let you know in another update if there is anything else you can do to help.



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