Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Attention Deficit Disorder?

No way!

That is not an attribute of Bull Sharks!
Where I may be willing to make a concession is that the animal depicted is a) Bahamian (any associations being strictly yours, not mine) and b) obviously a sub-adult that may still have heaps to learn.

Other than that, nice job by George Schellenger of the Shark Task Force!

BTW that big Shark at 0:46 with the funny nose is Bumphead, and she always chews her food like that.
Go wonder!


Robert said...

The Bahamian bull sharks may seem a bit confused when going for the bait so I am keeping a more cautious eye on them. They eventually get close and then seem skittish or confused. Not like the ones I have encountered in Fiji.
They are different that the ones at the Shark Marine Reserve Park.
I have done Bahamas twice and Beqa twice.
I feel much safer, more in awe and more satisfied at Beqa Lagoon.
Neither are really in a natural setting though.
I am looking forward to doing an oceanic white tip trip with George 6 days from now.

DaShark said...

What we see here in Fiji is that the adults never fail whereas the sub-adults sometimes do as they got to sneak in ahead of the higher ranking big mamas - even got footage of one rushing in and grabbing a rock instead of a tuna head!

Yer of course right, this here is nothing like natural behavior.
Bulls as I know them are very shy and the difference may well be that our Bulls have been habituated to humans and may therefore be less skittish.

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