Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hawaii - Riki Karamatsu in deep Trouble!

Betcha he aint smiling now!

Well well.

Informed circles whisper that Riki is outraged.
He apparently feels unjustly targeted and claims to have nothing to do with Hawaii's Shark finning industry.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding.
Clearly, the word is now watching (see below) his every move.
Like it or not, this may well be the defining moment of his political career and decide the fate of his bid for Assistant Lieutenant Governor - and it sure aint looking good!

Here's some strategic advice, f.o.c.: stop the dithering and the obstructionism!
Wanna play the role of conciliatory statesman? Abandon the pathetic politicking and respect the will of the majority! Were I a cynic like Niccolò, I'd even be tempted to suggest becoming a champion of the pro-Shark agenda - howz that for a career-saving Hail Mary!

Among many, here are some new media about the Hawaii Shark finning Bill.

Underwater Thrills (bravo Patric!)


Honolulu Advertiser

KHON2 Report and here

Star Bulletin


HSUS statement

RTSea - as always, too polite!

Old, but a must-read about Shark finning!

The wording of the Bill.

More info and many more media here.
Let's keep up the pressure!

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